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GRFD Members Attending FDIC Conference

Monday, April 20, 2015 06:30 GRFD Officers Mike Aguilar, Pete Flannery, William Burbano and Kevin Sellitti are presently at the Fire Department Instructor's Conference in Indianapolis, IN.   After a long drive across many states yesterday, training began in earnest early this morning.  Today's hand's on training included engine company operations, vent/enter/search techniques and live fire burns to study fire flow paths.  Hands on training continues into Tuesday, followed by classroom training on Wednesday and Thursday.   The GRFD is well represented among fire departments from all over the country.   The FDIC is one of the preeminent fire training opportunities available.   The GRFD officers in attendance will bring back the knowledge they obtain and share it with the rest of the officers and members of the department.   Additional dispatches will follow on, facebook and twitter (@GlenRockFire).



GRFD Holds Annual Beefsteak Dinner

Saturday, April 11, 2015 18:00 The GRFD held its annual beefsteak dinner at fire headquarters.   The dinner honored all exempt members of the GRFD.   At the dinner, Capt. Mike Aguilar received his exempt status, which is attained after seven years of maintaining a set level of attendance at fire calls, drills and other department activities.   In addition, Firefighter Rich Gallagher was recognized for his 50 plus years of service to the Department.   Firefighter Gallagher is taking what we all hope is only a temporary break from his duty as an active fireman.  Special thanks to Lt. Mike Jennings for organizing the dinner.

Additional information about the New Jersey State Exempt Firemen's Association can be found at:



GRFD Extinguishes Hazelhurst Ave Fire

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 11:58 In a continued busy stretch, the GRFD battled a blaze on Hazelhurst Ave.   The howeowners called for the Fire Department after seeing smoke outside their front door.   The fire quickly made its way up into the eaves of the home and the attic space.   On arrival, Engine 831 (Lt. Sellitti) observed heavy smoke and flame coming from the first floor of the ranch style home.   Engine 831 established a water supply from a hydrant and stretched a 1 3/4" handline to the front door.   Ridgewood Car 38 established incident command and directed manpower from additional units including, Ladder 832, Ridgewood Engine 35, Fair Lawn Engine 4, Fair Lawn Truck 1 and Midland Park Engine 533.   Hawthorne provided an engine to standby at Glen Rock fire headquarters for coverage.   Chief Jennings (830) assumed command upon his arrival at the scene.   The GRFD once again thanks all mutual aid companies for their continued assitance during this busy time.

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GRFD Battles Dean Street Fire

Saturday, March 21, 2015 01:00 The GRFD was dispatched to 26 Dean street for the report of a structure fire.   On arrival, Chief Jennings (830) observed heavy fire showing from the second floor windows.  Chief Jennings requested a second alarm consisting of an engine from Ridgewood, a FAST team from Fair Lawn Co #4 and a Midland Park engine to standby in GRFD headquarters.  Chief Jennings subsequently upgraded the assignment to include an engine from Hawthorne.  

Engine 831 (Capt. Aguilar) established a water supply from a hydrant on Broad street and stretched an 1 3/4" handline to begin an exterior fire attack.   Ridegwood Engine 35 took an additional hydrant on Dean street and stretched a 2 1/2" handline to protect the home on the "B" side of the house exposure.   Ladder 832 (Lt. Flannery) secured the utilities to the home and placed a ladder on the "C" side of the structure.  Ladder 832's crew seubsequently assisted with ventillation, salvage and overhaul.   Engine 833 (Lt. Burbano) stretched a second 1 3/4" handline through the front door to the second floor to begin an interior fire attack.   Asst. Chief Zanotti (840) acted as the accountability officer and Rescue 834 (OIC Von Dreele) along with crews from Hawthorne and Midland Park provided invaluable manpower assistance as crews were rotated in and out of the structure.   A Paramus engine provided coverage for the borough while GRFD units worked the scene.  

The GRFD extends its thanks to all mutual aid companies for their assistance on scene and in coverage.   The GRFD also greatly appreciates the efforts of the Glen Rock Police, Glen Rock Ambulance Corps and Ridegwood Police in ensuring that the operation was safe.   

Additional photos can be found at:!i=3943520282&k=THHWjWK

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GRFD Expands its Social Media Presence

Saturday, March 14, 2015 09:00 In its continuous quest to leverage social media to help ensure that the public is kept informed of the activities of the GRFD, the Department has launched a Facebook Page and created a Twitter Handle.   The GRFD hopes that these outlets assist in informing the public of the great work conducted its officers and members.  Special thanks to Firefighters Thomas Pimlott and Chris Montgomery for sheparding the creation and upkeep of the Facebook Page.   Almost 300 "likes" on the page and counting!    



GRFD in the News!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 23:00 In case you missed it, CBS 2 News featured a story last night regarding a Borough Ordinance to clear snow from fire hydrants.   The ordinance generally requires that residents clear the snow around any hydrant on their property within 24 hours of a snow fall.   Clear access to a hydrant saves critical time in the event that the GRFD needs to establish a water supply.  Kudos to Chief Jennings for his outstanding appearance on camera! The link to the story is below: 



Remember to Shovel Those Hydrants!

Sunday, February 8, 2015 17:15 Remember to clear out a path around the fire hydrant in front of your house.  And if your neighbor is out of town or otherwise unable to dig out theirs, lend a hand.  The GRFD has been going around digging out hydrants, but with so many in the borough, we need the helps of residents to ensure all hydrants are exposed and accessible.  In the event of a fire, establishing a water supply from a hydrant is a critical step in allowing the GRFD to extinguish the fire in as expeditious manner as possible.  Thanks in advance to all borough residents for their assistance in this important matter!   



GRFD Battles Maple Ave Structure Fire

Sunday, February 1, 2015 11:28 In a continued busy stretch, the GRFD responded to a report of a working fire in an attached garage on South Maple Ave.  Chief Jennings (830) observed a column of heavy black smoke as he approached and called for a second alarm.   The second alarm brought an additional engine from Ridgewood and two additional engines from Fair Lawn to the scene as well as an engine from Midland Park to standby in Glen Rock Fire Headquarters.   Chief Jennings also requested an additional engine from Hawthorne to the scene.  Fair Lawn Engine 4 acted as the Rapid Intervention Team.

On arrival, Engine 831 (Lt. Sellitti) took the hydrant at the corner of Rodney and Maple and stretched their 4" supply line down Rodney street.   A 1 3/4" handline was strecthed to suppress the fire in the garage.  Fair Lawn Quint 2 streched an additional 2" handline off Engine 831.   

Ridgewood Engine 35 took the hydrant at the corner of Maple and Glen Ave and stretched a 1 3/4" handline through the front door of the house to extinguish the fire that extended from the garage into the kitchen.  Ladder 832 (Capt. Aguilar) conducted search and ventillation activities on the second and third floors.  An additional 1 3/4" handline was stretched from Ridgewood Engine 35 to the second floor.  

Engine 833 (Lt. Flannery) and Rescue 834 (Lt. Jennings) also responded to the scene and assisted with ventillation, salvage, utility control and overhaul.   Special thanks to all mutual aid companies that provided invaluable assistance. 

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GRFD Members Standby During Winter Storm

Monday, January 26, 2015 20:00 Members of the GRFD reported to fire headquarters at 8pm on Monday night to standby in quarters during the storm.  Members came in tow with pillows, blankets and warm slippers.  Special thanks to the Glen Rock Board of Ed for donating their unused food from the cancelled Board meeting.   Additional thanks to Ex-Chief Sellitti for making a delicious breakfast on Tuesday morning.   Chief Jennings released the members from standby at approximately 730 am on Tuesday.    



GRFD Participates in Extrication Drill with Hawthorne FD

Monday, January 19, 2015 19:30 The GRFD participated in a mutual aid extrication drill with the Hawthorne FD.  The drill was conducted at Hawthorne Rescue 5's Quarters.  Participating members used a variety of saws, cutters and spreading tools to remove all the doors and roof of a Ford Explorer.  In addition a ram tool was used in combination with a spreader to displace the dash of the vehicle.  Chief Jennings, Asst. Chief Zanotti, Capt. Aguilar, Lt. Burbano as well as FFs Azzopardi, Montgomery, Sasek and D'Onfrio all participated in the drill.  Special thanks to Hawthorne FD Rescue 5 and Engine 4 for being great hosts.



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