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GRFD Responds to Rollover

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 1920 The GRFD responded to the report of a rollover on Cranford Road. Assistant Chief Jennings (840) arrived on scene shortly after dispatch to find a single vehicle on its side. Assistant Chief Jennings established command and Engine 831 responded to the scene.  GRFD members assisted in scene safety until the vehicle was up righted.

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GRFD Responds to Chimney Fire

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 18:50 The GRFD responded to a reported chimney fire at a residence on Maple Avenue.  Neighbors had reported seeing flames coming from the chinmney.  Engine 831 (FF Gallagher) removed the burning contents from the fire box and inspected the chinmey.  Ladder 832 (Capt. Aguilar) checked for any fire extesion on the second floor and in the attic.  Rescue 834 (FF Von Dreele) provided additional manpower support.  Chief Maurice was in command of the scene.  Engine 833 and Asst Chief Jennings responded to a simultaneous alarm on Prospect Street.

January 8th marked a very busy day for the GRFD with five fire calls.   



GRFD Assisting with Effects of Cold Weather

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 02:45 The cold weather has kept the GRFD busy.  In the early hours of January 7th, the GRFD responded to 192 Rock Road to assist the police gain entry to the structure where a pipe had burst as a result of the cold.  In addition, at approximately 7am on the morning of January 8th, the GRFD responded to Central School on Maple Ave to assist with a broken pipe and water condition in the music room.  The GRFD also responded to a broken water pipe and water condition at 175 Rock Rd at approximately 13:45 hours on January 8th. 



GRFD Holds Annual Installation Dinner

Saturday, January 4, 2014 18:00 The GRFD held its annual installation dinner at Macaluso's in Hawthorne.  Mayor John Van Keuren and Councilman Michael O'Hagen swore in the following officers: Chief -- Mike Maurice; Asst. Chief -- Thomas Jennings; Captain -- Mike Aguilar; Lieutenants -- Mike Jennings, Joe Felt, Dave Kelly and William Burbano; President -- Perry Degregorio; Vice President -- Scott Amos; Treasurer -- Sarah Sexton; Secretary -- Maurice Lemieux.  President Degregorio also honored newly minted GRFD life members Ted King and Maurice Lemieux.  Other honored dinner guests included members of the Bourough Council, the Bourough Administrator as well other Bourough Hall staff, the GRPD Chief and Captain, the GRVAC Chief and President, and representatives from many of the mutual aid fire companies that assist the GRFD.

Special thanks to Mike Jennings for organizing a great dinner!  Additional special thanks to the Hawthorne FD for providing standby coverage during the dinner.



GRFD Votes on New Member

Thursday, January 2, 2014 19:30 The officers and members of the GRFD voted to make probationary FF Anthony Leon a full member of the department.  FF Anthony Leon, who had been a probationary member since March of 2012, has successfully completed all of the requirements for full membership.  FF Anthony Leon lives within the Borough of Glen Rock and works in New York City as an IT Director. The GRFD wishes FF Anthony Leon the best of luck!



GRFD Responds to Odor of Smoke

Saturday, December 28, 2013 14:31 The GRFD responded to a reported smoke condition at Francesca's restaurant on Rock Rd.  The GRFD conducted an extensive investigation to determine the source of the and odor.  Engine 831 (Lt. Kelly) gained access to neighboring businesses to check for extension.  Ladder 832 (Lt. Aguilar) gained access to the second floor occpancy and placed personnel on the roof.  Engine 833 (FF Zanotti) and Rescue 834 (FF King) also responded to the scene.  Chief Jennings was in command of the scene.  It was determined that the roof-placed HVAC unit was the source.    



GRFD Santa Ride a Success

Saturday, December 21, 2013 17:30 Engine 831 and Ladder 832 made their away around the Borough with dueling Santas spreading holiday cheer.  831 covered the east side and 832 hit the west side.  The members spent many hours placing lights in all the right places in each appartus.  Thanks to all the Borough residents who came out to support the Santas during their ride! 



Santa Claus is Coming to Town on December 21st!

Friday, December 20, 2013  Be on the lookout for Santa Claus riding atop a GRFD apparatus (or two) on Saturday December 21st.  The members of the GRFD will continue their tradition of spreading good cheer throughout the borough.  Santa's ride should commence at aroun 4:30PM.  Santa will do his best to make sure he gets to see everyone so that he can wish all residents a safe and Merry Christmas! 



GRFD Elects New Officers for 2014

Thursday, December 5, 2013 19:30 The members of the GRFD have elected the following line and company officers for 2014: Chief -- Mike Maurice; Assistant Chief -- Thomas Jennings; Captain -- Mike Aguilar; Lieutenant -- Mike Jennings; Lieutenant -- Joe Felt; Lieutenant -- Dave Kelly; Lieutenant -- William Burbano; President -- Perry Degregorio; Vice Preisdent -- Scott Amos; Secretary -- Maurice Lemieux; Treasurer -- Sarah Sexton.  Best of luck to the officers in 2014! 



Two GRFD Members Celebrate Their Birthdays!

Thursday, December 5, 2013  Two of the GRFD's ex-Presidents recently celebrated their birthdays.  Ex-President Bruce Rigg and Ex-President Carmine Nogara were both fetted by the Department and provided with a gourmet cake at the Department's last monthly business meeting.  Best wishes to Carmine and Bruce for another Happy and Health year on planet earth.   



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